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Universal Magic Paint

Universal Magic Paint

SKU: magicpaint

Color Changing Deals LLC is so excited to introduce our new Universal Magic Paint. It's our new and improved Temperature Reactive Paint that's suitable for all surfaces and changes color by hand touch. It comes pre-mixed and all you need is your idea and a paint brush.

We're #1 Seller on Amazon for Thermochromic Powder Pigments, Paint and Fabric Paints and for the last 10 years in the busness, we found out that the word THERMOCHROMIC is very confusing and customers can't understand what's activation temperature so we made it easy and combined Thermochromic Paint + Thermochromic Fabric Paint, called it MAGIC PAINT and list only variation that change color by hand touch.


For Black-Colorless, write your favorite message or print a picture, paint on top, let it dry and touch it with your fingers. The heat from your hands is enough to make the paint magically disappear and your message underneath will appear. Perfect for Secret Message Reaveals, Marriage Proposals, Baby Gender Reveal Parties, Lunch box Stickers, Motivational Notes, Love Notes, Escape Rooms, Color Changing Face Masks, T-Shirts and Shoes or wherever your imagination takes you. 


Magic Paint is NON-TOXIC, Water Based product and if you want to dye your fabric, feel free to add distilled water so you can thin the viscosity  and dye your desired fabric.


Color Choices:

  • Black-Colorless (translucent white)
  • Red-Yellow
  • Black-Yellow
  • Blue-Violet
  • Black-Pink
  • Green-Yellow
  • Black-Blue
  • Black-Green 


Magic Paint works on Paper, Canvas, Glass, Wood, Rubber, Metal, Ceramic, Rocks, all types of Fabric, Leather, Shoes, Totes, Curtains and many more surfaces.


Made in USA

  • Shipping Info

    We ship the same business day. Domestic shipping is always FREE

  • Care Instructions

    Once it dries completely, you can wash your garment with your regular laundry. Magic Paint is permanent, hot water & bleach resistant. Colors do not bleed off.

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