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Sun UV Activated Powder Pigments

Sun UV Activated Powder Pigments

Color Changing Deals LLC offers NON-TOXIC Photochromic Powder Pigments which change color activated by exposure to UV light- Sunlight. The pigment is one color but when you move it outdoor and expose to Sunlight, it changes color depending on how strong the sun is and how much Ultra Violet light it absorbs. The process is reversible- when you go back indoor or block UV light, the pigment turns back to its original color.


You cam mix it with clear or white glue, paint, varnish, epoxy resin, hair gel/mousse, liquid plastics/polymers, nail polish, silicone or any medium corresponding with the surface you want to apply on. The pigment doesn't mix directly with water. Our products can be used for Color Changing Slime, Goo, Tumblers, Nail Polish, Home & School projects, Science Experiments, Arts & Crafts, Jewelry or wherever your imagination takes you.


Available colors:

  • White-Violet
  • Pink-Blue
  • White-Blue


10 grams container has 7 teaspoons color changing powder pigment.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. 

We ship the same business day. Domestic shipping is always FREE

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