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color changing fabric paint

Color Changing Fabric Paints

Color Changing Deals offers NON-TOXIC Thermochromic Color Changing Fabric Paints. They are Leuco Dye micro-encapsulated, which change color activated by temperature. 

Color Changing Fabric Paints come pre-mixed, ready to apply with a regular paintbrush, painter's roller, stencil method, screen printed, sponged on or fingerpainting.


Our Thermochromic Fabric Paints have various colors and activation temperatures. We offer Color to Colorless (translucent white) and Bi-Colors (color to another color). 




The process is reversible- when it gets warm/cold, the paint turns back to its original color. It's ideal for Scientific projects, Arts & Crafts, DIY Color Changing Shirts, Costumes, Curtains, Shoes or wherever your imagination takes you.


It could be applied on all types of fabric. Once it dries completely, the garment can be washed with your regular laundry. Hot water & bleach resistand. The paint does not bleed off.


Every Thermochromic Product has an activation temperature ( the point when it changes color). When choosing activation temperature for your project, please consider YOUR OWN ambient temperature, climate or season. 


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.

We ship the same business day. Domestic shipping is always FREE

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