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Thermochromic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Paints

Thermochromic Heat Sensitive Color Changing Paints

Color Changing Deals created  NON-TOXIC Thermochromic Paints. They are Leuco Dye micro-encapsulated, which change color activated by temperature. Our Paints have various colors and activation temperatures.

When the temperature rises over certain degree, the  color changes. But the process is reversible- when it gets cold/hot, it turns back to its original color.

They come pre-mixed, ready to apply with a regular paintbrush, stencil method, sprayer or fingerpainting. 


Our Color Changing Paints could be applied on paper, canvas, ceramic, glass, rubber, wood, plastic, metal,  rocks and many more surfaces. It's perfect for Arts & Crafts, School/ Home Projects, Science experiments, Color Changing Phone Cases, Escape Room props, Magic Tricks, Pictures/Message Reveals, Marriage Proposals, Baby Gender Reveal Banners, Cold Beverage Labels, Overheating Electronics Indicator, or whenever your imagination takes you.


If you want your project to change color by hand touch, choose activation temperature 77°F(25°C) or 82°F(28°C). Consider the temperature in your room at the time of the experiment and pick a variation accordingly.


If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. We ship the same business day. Domestic shipping is always FREE

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